SADC Demystifying The Internet, Feb 12, 2010 – Answers To Questions

SADC Demystifying The Internet, Feb 12, 2010 – Answers To Questions

Like I promised at the end of my presentation, here are my answers to your questions, which time was not enough for me to answer.

Question: Can one use autoresponder to upload articles to someoneís blog?

Answer: No, autoresponders cannot perform this function. In fact, your client will not allow you to use software to add articles to their blogs – they expect you to do it manually.

Question: How do you enter an agreement with your client?

Answer: The offer and acceptance of job is usually done through emails between the job giver and the writer.

Question: How do you zip-up folders?

Answer: Put your cursor on the folder, and click the right side of your mouse, locate “Compress zip,” or the Zip symbol, click on it, the folder will be zipped – it takes few seconds.

How do you make your articles SEO?

Answer: Make sure the title has the keyword you are optimizing for the search engine. Let the keyword also be in the introduction, and then let it be in most of the paragraphs of the article. Don’t always use the keyword the same way, use variations of it so that the search engines don’t perceive you are trying to manipulate it. For example, if your keyword is Acne Treatment, instead of writing acne treatment all the time in the article, you can use such variations as treating acne, acne solution, treatment of acne, etc.

Question: Explain more on how to build your resume.

Answer: Resume is different from CV. Your resume will contain your job history, which should be relevant to article writing. and it should reflect areas of your core competence as a writer. You will find sample of my resume, which has been effective in helping me land writing jobs, and which you can adopt in 3 Guaranteed Streams Of Income From Writing Articles Online.

Question: How much must we charge per article?

There is no fixed rate to charge. However, you can start with $5 for 500 -550 word articles.

Question: How can we write cover letter?

Answer: Your cover letter must show you are excited about the job, you have the competence to do it, you can be relied upon to do a good job devoid of errors, and deliver as at when due. You can find samples of job nailing cover letters, which you can adopt in 3 Guaranteed Streams Of Income From Writing Articles Online.

Question: If your prospective client refuses to change their payment method (PayPal), what do you do or what are the other methods of receiving your money.

Answer: If they said they will only pay by PayPal, leave them and get another person, there are other people who will not mind paying through other means. MoneyGrams, Western Union, and direct bank transfer are other ways through which you can receive payment.

Question: Will articles sold to me by a ghost writer be sold to another person?

Answer: No, any article sold has become the property of the buyer, the writer has no right to use it again anywhere, both on the Internet and offline.

Question: If Iím writing on many topics for one customer, will I put my name as author of the articles?

Answer: You cannot put your name on the articles as you have sold them. The owner is the buyer, who has the right to put his/her name if he/she likes.

Question: Can we use ghost writers to write our articles on every niche?

Answer: That depends on you, yes you can.

Question: Do you need a website to start article writing business?

Answer: No, you don’t need a website to begin, but if you have a site, perhaps a free blog, which you can get at or, and be directing your prospective clients to, it can make you look very professional and enable you to get high paying jobs.

Question: What is the medium of bargaining with your clients, i.e., phone or email?

Answer: Correspondence is usually by email.

Those were the questions, and my answers. I hope I have satisfied you, if not please send me an email:

Thanks for coming to the seminar, you were such a wonderful audience, and I wish you the very best of making good income with your writing skill online.

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