3 Ways To Turn Your Knowledge To A Successful Business Online

3 Ways To Turn Your Knowledge To A Successful Business Online

Billions of people across the world use the Internet daily mainly to source for information that can help them solve one problem or another. This has presented an opportunity to other people to start a business from sharing their knowledge with others.

And the great thing about this is that even though they are not aware of it, almost every matured person knows something of value they can tell or teach others and get paid for it, and can go ahead to turning it into a flourishing business on the Internet.

If you are an adult, the chance is that you have certain knowledge and experience about parenting and child upbringing, relationship, teenage issues, courtship, writing, nursing, alternative medicine, orthodox medicine, pregnancy and childbirth, teaching school subjects, home maintenance, music, exercising, fitness, cookery, food and nutrition, gadgets, maintenance and repairs, computers, software applications, and Internet, bikes and automobiles, marketing, psychology, etc.

These and many others are areas millions of people are constantly looking for information about on the Internet.

I’m going to show you three ways to cash in on this and start a successful business online with the knowledge you already have.

1. Create a Blog or Website

You can set up a blog or website through which you can share your knowledge with the world. In return, you can earn income from it through advertisements, including adsense and banner ads from individuals and companies. You can also generate income from it by promoting related products and services on it.

To have a website or blog, you will need a web hosting service to host your site. However, you can set up a free blog hosted by blogger.com to start your business.

But it is advisable to switch to a paid hosting service as quickly as you can to avoid the shortcomings associated with using free service, including having your site banned due to infringement on their user policy, resulting from something you may have done in error.

2. Create an Ebook

You can make an ebook from the subject you have knowledge or expertise and sell to people who need the information across the world.

To make an ebook, you need to first consider the topic you want to write on, whether that’s what a good number of people are interested in.

To find this out, you can quickly visit dummies.com and the book section of amazon.com. Search for the subject area you are interested in using the search engine on their websites. For example, if your field is math, type “math” into the search engine.

The result of the search in both the dummies.com and amazon.com websites will display several book titles for the subject, including those treating math for toddlers, elementary school, high school and college students.

You can be sure that lots of people are looking for information covered by such titles since the publishers of these books would have done their research to be sure that a significant number of people needs the information before publishing them.

Therefore, you can go ahead to make your ebook on the subject area or any of the displayed titles with some modifications to make your book unique.

Another way you can determine the size of market for your book is by using Google’s keyword planner found in its Adword program.

Go to adword.google.com and sign up. After signing up, you will be able to log into your Adword account where you will find the keyword planner tool which you can use to research keywords.

Type in the subject area you are proposing for your ebook, such as “math” in the keyword planner search box and it will display information such as the monthly search volume for the keyword and other related keywords.

The monthly search volume gives the average number of people who search for the word or phrase monthly. From this, you will have an idea of the number of people that may buy your book.

Making an Ebook

To make an ebook is simply by turning the book prepared in MS Word document into a PDF file.

After you have written, proofread and formatted your book in Microsoft Word, you can convert it to PDF by clicking the “save as” tab which will show different document options you can convert to. Choose PDF or XPS.

Once selected, a copy of your book will instantly be created in PDF format in the same directory as the original copy in MS Word.

If your computer does not have the PDF conversion feature, you can download and install Open Office from OpenOffice.org for free, and you will be able to create PDF files from MS Word documents.

3. Create Videos

You can also create video tutorials to teach people what you know. A lot of people are more comfortable watching videos than reading a book; therefore, with videos you will be increasing your sales.

And the good part of it is that you can actually create video tutorials without needing a camera to record them.

They can be made from your computer screen using a tool you can download from screencast-o-matic.com and install in your computer.

Screencast-o-matic enables you to do video recording of materials displayed on the screen of your computer.

Making a Video

The steps to creating simple video tutorials include creating Powerpoint presentations of the content of your book or material using Microsoft PowerPoint program contained in the Office Windows package, which is available in most computers using Windows operating system.

If you don’t have MS PowerPoint in your system, you can download and install Open Office as stated above. With Open office, you will be able to create power point presentations.

After your power point presentation is done and you are ready to do your video recording of it, open Screencast-o-matic that is already installed in your computer.

As you start the Screencast-o-matic program for recording, also start playing the power point materials. Read out its content like you are reading it to a class of students.

You may need to insert a microphone to the computer for computers without a microphone.

Alternatively, you can simply play a suitable music to serve as sound track.

The recording should be done in a quiet environment to avoid background noise from interfering with your voice or sound track.

When you are through, you click on stop and save the video to your computer. Play it out to see if it’s properly done.

You can always go back to changing or redoing things until you get the perfect video that you want.

Let your videos not be more than 30 mins long (lesser is better), you can break the tutorial into several parts with each part below 30 mins.

This will help in uploading and downloading it to and from the Internet respectively.


You can build a successful business on any or all three ways that have been treated above based on your knowledge of a subject that a significant number of people are interested in.

The world is in information age where people are prepared to pay for information which they need to solve a problem. You too can benefit from it with the knowledge you already have.


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