Publish And Sell Your Book Online

If you have written a book or two and haven�t been able to publish it, the Internet has provided you the opportunity to get it published in ebook format.

As ebook, you are spared the cost of printing, transportation, stocking, and overhead cost. When people order the book, they will be able to download it to their computers, where they can read it.

For the above huge benefits that ebook has over physical book, if you are a young writer, and you haven�t been able to get publishers to bank roll your book, publishing the book as ebook is a welcome option to try.

Instead of the book gathering dust in a folder or bag somewhere, you can put it together as ebook and sell to the global market. In fact, you can make a lot of it, which you can use to print the hard copy of it (that�s if you still want to).

Now, let�s go into how you can convert your book to ebook and sell to the global market.

Putting you book as ebook and selling to the world entails the following steps:

1. Converting the book from MSWord to ebook (PDF format). There are free ways of doing this, and there are also software you could buy to use in creating professional ebooks.

One way to create your ebook through free means is by using a free online tool you can find at

However, there are some shortcomings with this, and other free means:

1. The quality of the ebook is low.
2. You will not be able to add security features to prevent unauthorized persons from copying or printing it, or even reading it at all.

But if you bother about the quality of your ebook, and you would like to secure it and prevent people from looting it, you will need to get a paid type.

There is a powerful software that can enable you to create professional ebooks. It�s Ewriter, which you can find here: Professional Ebook Writer.

I recommend Ewriter because it combines been powerful and simple to use with low price, compared to others doing the same.

Click here to get details about it: Professional Ebook Writer.

2. Creating a website for your book. You will need to create a site, it could be a one-paged site where people can see your book and know what exactly to expect from it. This site has to look professional and very attractive to your visitors to make them easily buy your book.

You will also need to have a powerful sales copy on the site, with attractive graphics, including ecover of the book.

It is important to have attractive ecover for your book. Your book�s ecover is the physical representation of your book, and it conveys the value of the book to your site’s visitors.

To create ecovers, you need software. There is a higher version of PhotoShop, which you can use a script with to create ecovers.

But this is technical, you will have to know how to use Photoshop well to be able to use it.

Personally, I use Ecover Engine, which I also sell. It’s also a powerful, yet simple to use Ecover creator software.

Anyone can use it, even though you don’t know anything about computer.

With just a few clicks, your ecover is ready. If you need a copy, let me know � I haven�t set up a site for it yet at the time of writing this article.

3. Using a payment processor. If you desire to sell the book to the global market, you will need a payment processor that can receive payment for you from anyone buying from any part of the world, and deliver the book to the buyer instantly and automatically.

I recommend and fastecash’s is an American based company and is widely known and trusted worldwide to handle payment processing. They charge a one-time fee of $45 to use their system, and they allow Nigerians. is owned by Fastecash, a Nigerian based company. With a one time payment of N5000, you will be able to integrate their payment system into your site.

4. After, you have converted your book to ebook, and have set up a site for it, including integrating a payment processor, you are almost done.

5. The next thing is to start promoting the site so that people can start visiting it. The more people visit it daily, the greater the chance of making sales from it daily. If you want to learn how to successfully promote your website to the world, visit: Traffic 007 Stampede.

Now We Can Do Everything For You And Help Put Your Book Professionally On The Web

I understand you may not have the technical ability to convert your book to ebook, set up a professional site with powerful sales copy, create attractive ecover graphics for your book, and install payment processor to collect payment.

Even if you can do all these, you may not have the time to put all the processes in place. Also, you may not have access to a computer system for a long time to be able to come out with a powerful website.

There are lots of challenges facing a newbie to the Internet trying to have their books on the web. That’s why many of them eventually give up, and never get to reap the massive cash they could have made from their books, and continue to make, because once your website is set up, that’s it, you continue to make money from your book, year in, year out without ever spending a kobo, except for your hosting, which is made yearly.

We can help you set up a professional website for your book, for you to start selling immediately as soon as it is ready.

This is a summary of what we will do for you.

– Convert your book to ebook, using professional ebook creator software that produces rich looking ebooks that gives your buyer the satisfaction of having something of good quality.

Your ebook will be secured, such that nobody will be able to copy its content or print it out (except you allow this).

– Create a very attractive ecover for your ebook, thereby conveying a huge value on your ebook, enabling you to put a good price on it, and easily sell it.

– Create a powerfully looking professional website that is attractive to your visitors and makes them comfortable to buy your book.

– Create powerful graphics for your site and ecover.

– Write powerful sales copy for your site.

– Register a domain for your site and host it on Hostgator, the world’s most reliable hosting company.

– Integrate your site with the payment processor of your choice.

– Upload your site and ebook to the Internet.

– Offer useful suggestion on the best ways to promote your site.

– Offer three months of free consultancy on promoting your site and making more money from your book.

How Much Will All These Cost You?

What we are offering you is the golden opportunity to have your book available to the global market, that’s billions of people, without you bordering about the intricacies of how it is done. We want you to concentrate in writing the book and leaving the rest to us.

But, we will not charge you a leg or an arm to provide you this service even though the work involved, and the value we are giving you is enormous.

In fact, you are lucky today because what we are charging for this service is just a little fee of N45, 000.

For you to see just how cheap this fee is right now here is a breakdown:

= This payment include domain name registration and web hosting for a year – this is N7, 500 value.

= Sales copy writing – I write sales copy for N50,000 and above.

= To create professional website with great graphics – value N15, 000 lowest.

= Ecover design – value N5,000 lowest.

= My six months consultancy service – value N75,000

TOTAL = N145,000

These are the major services you will definitely pay for individually if you want to do it yourself, excluding payment for Internet service and power.

But if you subscribe to our service right now, you will only pay N45,000 and get your book selling on the Internet to both the Nigerian and the International market.

Soon, this service is going for N55, 000 minimum, but if you act quickly, you’ll save N20,000.

As bonus, you will also get my Traffic 007 Stampede – the complete manual to getting massive traffic to your website for free. This is N2,500 value, but you get it absolutely for free.

Special Installment Payment Plan

To make it even easier for you to quickly get your book on the Internet, you can make do with our Installment Payment Plan.

First payment to kick-start the project = N35,000.

Second payment after the project is finished and about to be uploaded to the Internet = N10,000.

To order our Ebook Creation And Selling Online Service, click here: Ebook Creation And Selling Service.

To your success!

Innocent Ibhaluobe

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  1. Anthony Ekwemuka on September 4th, 2009

    Hi Inno! i think this idea is a brilliant one and is better than meeting a local publisher here to publish my books.

    I want to use your services.


  2. OKeke Gabriel Chibuike on September 17th, 2009

    how do i get to pay the money cos i have two books i want to publish. thanks

  3. Innocent on September 17th, 2009

    Click the link: Ebook Creation And Selling Service to order for our service.

  4. Joshua on October 28th, 2009

    Pls how do i get paid after the book has been published?

  5. Innocent on October 29th, 2009

    You will use the service of Fastecash payment solution to take orders for the book. You will integrate their payment system into your site, and anyone can order the book, pay for it and download it after payment has been received on your behalf by fastecash.

    Fastecash can receive money for your through paypal and other online payment means such as Master Card and Visa Card.

    Fastecash is a trusted Nigerian company owned by Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, publisher of SuccessDigest and Complate Sports Newspaper. You will then be able to collect your money here through the banks.

    Click here to sign up with Fastecash Online Payment Solution. It’s free to sign up, but to use their payment system, you will need to upgrade your membership to Premium or Classic. Find out more about the service here: Fastecash Online Payment Solution.

  6. Sulaiman Dave Bola-Babs on October 29th, 2009

    Innocent, I’ve been waiting for this breakthrough for ages as a book publisher. In fact, the second book I co-edited was publicly presented last month 24 Sebtember 2009 at Victoria Island and I have it ready in soft copy right now on my laptop.

    My first book, the last book recommended by Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase in his “How To Make It In Nigeria” is equally long overdue to be converted to an ebook.

    The perpetual problem of both the ClickBank and PayPal has been the stumbling block to my ebook publishing and global marketing all this while. Thank you for your eye-opening email of yesterday which led me to this site. I think we can work together profitably with this offer of yours.

  7. Innocent on October 30th, 2009

    You are welcome Sulaiman. The Internet has provided great opportunity for individual writers to go pass the traditional obstacles that prevented lots of writers from ever publishing their work.

    With your book done, all you need to do is put it up on the Internet, where it is exposed to millions or even billions of people worldwide who may be interested in your message. And without you been aware, they can order it with their paypal, Master Card or Visa Card, and download it after your payment processor has confirmed their payment. And you account is immediately credited.

    This is really a wonderful opportunity for writers happening in our time.

    You book, though in soft copy is secured. You can prevent the buyer from been able to alter it in any way, or printing it. They will only be able to read it from a computer.

    And the most wonderful thing about this opportunity for me is the ability to continue to sell massive copies day in day out. If you consider the huge population of people that will be seeing it, you can be making thousands of sales weekly or monthly.

    Take for instance, if you sell your ebook for $14, and you sold 1000 copies a month, that’s $14,000 going into your account every month from the book. When you convert that to Naira using N150 as the exchange rate, that’s an income of N2,100,000 (two million one hundred thousand Naira) every month less about 5% charge from the payment processor.

    You continue to make all this money from your book without incurring any overhead charges, cost of production or distribution – their is no cost to you whatsoever. Once your site is up, there is no further cost to you, except for the yearly renewal of your domain name and hosting.

    We will be pleased to work with you and help you start selling your Intellectual Property online as soon as possible. However, you have to hurry to sign up for the service so that your work will not be delayed because we are having a number of orders coming in, and it is first come first serve. The first people that ordered are the ones to have their sites up first before others.

    Also remember that this service include us setting up a blog for you, which you can use to promote the book, and also make money from through adsense and affiliate marketing – this is at no other charge to you – it’s free!

  8. Aniekan Nya on October 27th, 2010

    Hello all,
    It Anny from Nigeria.Love to make money online.Please Love someone to help me out by showing me how to go through freelance writing jobs or freelance writing which invovle in writting of short article,long articles and stories and others etc. to make money and how the money can be colleted here in uyo-Akwa Ibom State.Please call me on 07034725383 and tell me your location in other for me to see you ,so that you could help me out.Thanks.

  9. Salihu Dikko on January 22nd, 2012

    I have some eBooks for an online up and doings. Kindly hold my hands and take me along. I have being for such an opportunity since. While thanking you for pointing out this to me, I beg for it to take the pattern of a partnership for a start. Iam just about to venture into the internet without any money at hand, for prematured retirement without any benefit is still beating hard on me. My regards.

  10. Salihu Dikko on January 22nd, 2012

    I have some eBooks for an online up and doings. Kindly hold my hands and take me along. I have being looking for such an opportunity since. While thanking you for pointing out this to me, I beg for it to take the pattern of a partnership for a start. Iam just about to venture into the internet business without any money at hand, due to prematured retirement without any benefit which is still beating hardly on me. My regards.

  11. wikinaira on May 4th, 2015

    Great insight, Am also thinking of writing a book, id bookmarked this article for reference, thanks for sharing, thanks for helping nigerian out there


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