Answers To Questions At SADC Demystifying The Internet 8b, Feb. 19, 2010

Firstly I want to apologize for posting the answers to your questions here late. I promised I was going to post the answers to your questions, which time didn’t allow me to attend to at the seminar, on this blog by Saturday morning.

I thought I would be able to have it up then, but honestly since the seminar ended last Friday, I have been extremely busy, couple to the fact that my Internet connection has not been stable.

However, I guess it’s better late than never, you can now read my answers below.

SADC Demystifying The Internet, Feb 12, 2010 – Answers To Questions

SADC Demystifying The Internet, Feb 12, 2010 – Answers To Questions

Like I promised at the end of my presentation, here are my answers to your questions, which time was not enough for me to answer.

Question: Can one use autoresponder to upload articles to someone’s blog?

Answer: No, autoresponders cannot perform this function. In fact, your client will not allow you to use software to add articles to their blogs – they expect you to do it manually.

Question: How do you enter an agreement with your client?

How to Optimize Your Article for Search Engines

You have already known what keywords to write on, but there is a way you have to present your article so that search engines can recognize it as being what the searcher is looking. Later we will get down to seeing exactly how search engines work, but it will be enough for now to know how to write our articles so that they can be picked up by search engines whenever someone makes a search for our keyword.

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