How to Optimize Your Article for Search Engines

You have already known what keywords to write on, but there is a way you have to present your article so that search engines can recognize it as being what the searcher is looking. Later we will get down to seeing exactly how search engines work, but it will be enough for now to know how to write our articles so that they can be picked up by search engines whenever someone makes a search for our keyword.

What To Write About To Make Real Money

This chapter is probably the most important part of your quest to make real money from Google Adsense program. You will see why you have not made anything to be happy about from Adsense if you have been involved in it for some time now. Now you have the opportunity to know what those making thousands of dollars from it know, and then do what they do.

Here, I’m going to take you through how to know what people want to read so that you can write such and not waste your time writing what they donít have the desire to read. I will then show you just how to optimize your content so you will get read.

49 Websites That Share Revenue With Writers

Having known how Google Adsense and revenue sharing work, we will now see websites which offer to share their revenue with writers.

Please note that although Iím convinced that these sites are genuine and would not cheat on their writers I also ask that you do your due diligence and take the decision yourself to either join them or not.

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