Writers Needed

We are currently in need of writers to contribute to websites.

We need people who can diligently research the Internet and write unique
and original articles based on the topics that will be given to them.

Interested persons must be able to write informative and error free articles for the American
audience, which must not be less than 750 words.

To enable us to properly assess your ability, you can produce a sample
article on any of the topics given below and send to us:

1.) 12 to 20 Skills to Succeed as a … (any occupation of your choice, e.g., Dental Assistant)

2.) Job Description for … (any occupation of your choice, e.g., IT Support Staff)

3.) How to Pass PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) Exam First Time
(Hint: List the tips to pass the exam and expand on each of them, the more the list the better)

4.) How to find the Best Schools for … (any occupation of your choice, e.g., Business Analyst)

Here are templates you can follow to produce your article: Template 1; Template 2, Template 3: Resume Writing Tips and Example

The article must be at least 95% original. You can use the plagiarism
checker at http://smallseotools.com/ to confirm originality.

Please note that the opportunity to join our team promises to be long
term as there are lots of projects we have to complete and only serious
minded writers are required.

We currently pay N750 per article, which can go higher with performance,
and we make payment of N15,000 on a batch of 20 completed and accepted

Please note:

1. Preference will be given to the writers of the best articles which are submitted
2. Make sure to proofread your article before submitting so that it doesn’t
score negatively against you.
3. You are writing for the American audience so use American English.
4. Your article must be at least 95% original using the plagiarism checker at
5. Your article must be 750 words and above (the more the better)

If you are interested in this opportunity send an email and your sample work
to the email: innocent@onlinewritingopportunities.com.

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  1. joseph on October 27th, 2015

    I have been looking forward for this type of chance.Is this writing opportunity still available now? This is because i am seeing this for the first time.

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