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The September 2007 issue of ďThe WriterĒ published an excellent article: "Secrets of Six-Figure Freelancers", which covered  freelance writers who are making six figures, with one making $260,000 per year.


Now this is 2016, and the opportunity has grown even much bigger.


The question you must sincerely answer to yourself is: would you like to have your share of the billion dollar online article writing  opportunity, or you would prefer to just watch others  have theirs?



From the desk of Innocent Ibhaluobe

Dear Friend,

If you have a basic, secondary school writing skill, and you are prepared to change your finances for good this year by writing simple articles, at your own pace and time from home, and make as much hundreds of dollars as you can monthly, then you must read this letter to the end! 

Just in case you donít know, the Internet is all about written information. The hundreds of millions of websites and blogs all have written contents in form of articles, reviews, sales copies, profiles, etc for their visitors to read, enjoy and then buy something or help them to make money.

Yes, the purpose of most website owners is to make money from their sites. They make the money by selling products, services, and through Pay Per Click, and Pay Per Action  programmes.

And the good news for anyone who can write simple articles is that everything about having websites or blogs, and making money from them has to do with Article Writing.

Why Article writing has become such a big opportunity for writers to make fabulous amount of money online

There are many reasons why the demand for freelance article writers has continued to rise daily on the Internet. I will explain some of them as I don't want to make this letter too long.

Webmasters need lots of articles as content for their sites

Every website needs contents. The more the quality of its articles, the more satisfied its visitors are, and the easier it is to make them come back, buy something or click on links that would make the site's owner money.

However, a lot of website owners are not able to write articles, and they don't think it is worth it disturbing their heads learning how to write their articles themselves when they could simply employ freelance writers to do it for them.

For the website owners who could write articles, they have nevertheless found out it will be killing for them to continue to write articles to update their websites, some of which having hundreds of pages. To them, it is far more rewarding to outsource the writing to freelance article writers, pay them a few dollar per article, and save themselves time for other things.

In fact, the goal of many webmasters is to build dozens of websites in different markets and accumulate earnings from them all - this is how they make millions of dollars from the Internet yearly.

Certainly, these webmasters never try to write the articles for the websites themselves, therefore they have to find freelance writers from any part of the world who can do it for them at a reasonable fee.

The demand for freelance article writers as content providers for websites has grown remarkably consistently over the years as millions of websites are created and uploaded to the Internet.  Multi national companies' websites are also not left of the chase for freelance writers to write articles for them - I can tell you they pay real big, up to $50 for a 250-350 word article, and I reveal how and where you can land such jobs in The 3 Guaranteed Streams Of Income For Writing Articles Online, see below.

Webmasters need articles for their article marketing campaign

Here is another reason why webmasters are so much in need for article writers.

For website owners to make any money from their websites people have to visit them in the first place. This is the most important thing as far as making money from website is concerned. And one of the most effective and free ways to pull traffic to a website and also increase the search engine ranking of the site is by using a method known as Article Marketing.

There are different ways website owners can carry out their article marketing endeavours. I will explain a few of them, but know that Article marketing is extremely popular and is a top choice for webmasters for its proven result and cost effectiveness.  

One way webmasters can do Article marketing is to continually prepare hundreds of articles and distribute them to free article directories, where they would be picked up by other webmasters to use as contents on their sites, newsletter, etc, without removing the link back in the articles.

This will produce two things for the original owners of the articles: 1) they will have increased search engine ranking for their websites. 2) When people read the articles, they would click on the link back at the bottom of the article to their website, thereby having flood of free traffic to their site.

Another way website owners do Article Marketing is to put a number of articles together into an ebook to be given away for free to get people to visit their sites, sign up to their newsletter or other programmes. Once they have signed up, the website owners can then begin to market their products to them.    

Yet another way Article marketing can be done by webmasters is by placing articles religiously daily on their blogs to keep them fresh and attractive to search engines; to contribute at forums and social network sites to bring traffic to their sites.

These are just some ways webmasters use Articles to pull thousands of free traffic to their sites, giving them the opportunity to make huge sales.

Article marketing is so much loved by webmasters because when they get freelance writers to write the articles, they pay them once for it, and the articles become theirs. Then they use the articles to generate huge traffic and search engine page ranking, and ultimately generate enormous sales and income. There is no doubt, the return on their investment in paying freelance writers to write the articles is great.

Webmasters need freelance writers to help them create products they can market

Instead of going the stressful, highly tasking way of creating information product, which involves many hours a daily researching and putting materials together for the product creation for several months, smart webmasters usually prefer getting writers online to do the work.

They provide the writers with the topic they want information on and in a couple of days, their product is ready for sale.

They can sell the information product in several ways, such as an ebook with their name on it as the writer, as a PLR (Private Label Right) product, where they sell it, allowing the buyer to put their name on it as the writer or owner and use it any way they desire.

In fact, a good number of Internet marketers concentrate in this area of income generation by employing many writers to write on diverse topics, which they collate into PLR products and sell to thousands of their customers. 

Now, the newest: webmasters need writers to help them update their blogs daily

With the popularity of blogs as medium to effectively make money, a great number of webmasters are now building networks of blogs. Several companies on the Internet own hundreds of blogs and are still counting. Some of these blogs are highly trafficked, some receiving millions of visitors daily.

To achieve this, they are in constant search of writers who could write and post articles as many times a day as they can to any of the blogs in their network. And the pay? Can you guess it? You can earn as much as $500 or more per week, depending on how many articles you can post.

Think of that. If say, you can make $500 a week, how much will that be in a month? Tell me, would you still be struggling with finances with $2, 000 rolling into your account every month from a single client. And by the time you can add one or two clients more, wouldn't you have completely put an end to money worries forever?

Those are just some ways webmasters use articles and therefore make the demand for article writers continually high on the Internet.

Indeed, the volume of job to do is limitless and ongoing; a single client can keep you busy for several months. You will have to decide how much you can do in a day or week. And that means you are in control of how much you want to earn at the end of the month. Depending on how much you can do, you can earn over $2, 000 monthly conservatively from one client.

Some smart folks have even turned it into a business. They get the jobs, and get people to write them at a far reduced fee from what the webmasters will actually pay. The difference becomes their profit. At the end of the month, they would have raked in thousands of dollars. What a cool business! 

But the question is still: are you going to continue watching while others with less ability to write say goodbye to financial difficulty forever, by continuously earning thousands of dollars monthly simply by writing articles online?

I'm sure you are smart and will not say yes to the question. Therefore, I'm ready to make you a deal. I'm set to help you attain your dream of financial freedom. You have been down for too long regretting you don't have the resources to create wealth for yourself like other people you know.

But you are absolutely wrong. You haven't looked deeply, if you do you would discover you have a God-given writing skill, which is worth gold on the Internet. I'm determined to help you refine your "gold" and show you where you can market it for mouth watering profits without ending.  

If you will allow me to guide you, take you by the hand and lead you to how you can seize the wonderful opportunity that the Internet has provided for you to use your God-given skill of writing to make good money repeatedly as much as you can writing for webmasters online, then you must quickly grab your copy of 

In this material, which you can download, read and start implementing the instructions right away, I have opened up all I know and have been doing to access writing jobs, grab them, do them quickly and receive my money in dollars here in Nigeria for close to two years now.

I have exposed exactly what webmasters need from their writers to be able to get writing jobs from them any time you need one. You will even have the opportunity to use my job nailing cover letters and resumes Ė all you need to do is to edit them to suit your character and experience.

Quickly get your copy

Before I tell you more about how 3 Guaranteed Streams Of Income From Writing Articles Online can help you turn your writing skill into real money generating resource, non stop, let me tell you this:


This may just be your very first opportunity to make money online as it was mine and almost all my students

To many people, including myself, writing articles online provides the easiest and surest way of earning good money online legally. A lot of people have been trying to make money online to no avail, either because they have not been able to understand the strategies involved in what they are working on, or they don't have the necessary funds to invest in the business before it could begin to generate money.

In the case of writing articles for webmasters online, it is at no cost at all. You don't have to invest in anything or pay to access jobs. All you need is my course, the 3 Guaranteed Streams Of Income From Writing Articles Online to walk you through the path of unending income just for been able to prepare simple articles.

It was really a surprise to me to experience that this opportunity ever existed the first time I decided to try it out.

To be frank, when I got a wind of the possibility of writing articles for webmasters on the Internet it was difficult for me to believe that I could actually be in my house here in Nigeria and be making money writing articles on the Internet. But when I finally decided to access the opportunity, I was pleasantly amazed to see it was true after all Ė I made $300 that first month!

I made that $300 from securing just a writing job online. Soon, I discovered how huge the demand is for writers from webmasters who need them to constantly produce contents for their numerous sites and pages.

From my second month of writing online my income skyrocketed!



Above are some receipts for the payment I received from my writing service online that I could lay hands on at the time of preparing this message. It amounted to  $7, 517.50

Please notice from my receipt above that:

ē my income each month was absolutely dependant on how much work I could do. There is always a  sea of work available Ė itís amazing!

ē there is no year 2008 receipt amongst the ones shown. I didnít forget to include it; itís just that my income has grown to the extent that direct bank wire transfer is now more ideal.

But it's not all about me. Please know that Iím not revealing my earnings to brag or show off, but to convince you that online writing opportunity is real, and that you too can also benefit from it.

I'm very glad that I have shown this opportunity to some people.
A good number of ordinary people have had their lives immediately transformed when they took the decision to check out what I was offering them. They are now joyfully earning handsome pile of dollars every month by simply writing articles for webmasters online:



Good Morning Sir,

I am that Pastor from Ikorodu who bought your products recently.

Sir, I must confess that your products are working as I am yet to deliver
the work load given to me by some clients. I am grateful.

Pastor Paul Gbelee. Ikorodu


Dear Sir,

I canít express the joy you have imparted on my life with the package that you gave to me enough. But I must first thank God for you and for helping me to get to where I am now, I have waited for a long time to write you, but my outgun mail was barred in the cafe I used so I am yet to buy my own connection, but I am working on it. I have made 150 dollars doing 3 jobs so far and I have more on the line. I am very grateful to you for this, and may God bless you.

Frederick Morgan



Hello Innocent,

Remember me? I bought that package on online writing from you. To tell you the truth, it has opened a new world of opportunities for me and I have you to thank for it.

I have landed a job, and it requires that I post some articles on blogs, but I don't know how to go about it. Can you help me out?

Olumide Oluwafemi



Making money from writing articles online to me was first viewed as been a fluke because I never imagined one could ever make money writing articles online.

But after purchasing the package on how to make money writing articles online from Mr Innocent Ibhaluobe, I have never had any cause to regret.

So far I have earned over $220 from just two writing jobs.

As for me, article writing is still the best way to earn quick dollars at your spare time on the Internet.

Dolapo Bankole, Student, The Polytechnic, Ibadan



Hi Innocent,

I'm really very sorry, it kind of took me like forever to get this across to you, not really my fault, it's a testimony of the opportunities that came from buying your priceless package. I've been swamped with work.

I started using what I learnt in your package to make money, The first month I started using this package, I made $150 [worked with just 2 projects], the second month, I made over $300 [I got a job blogging for a software review site]; by the 3rd month I was making almost $500, the fourth month took me to over the $ 500 mark and in this fifth month, February, I not only make money writing I employ other writers to write for me.

Thanks Innocent for showing me that one could be in Nigeria and earn a lot of dollars  writing.

 GOD BLESS YOU. Gbenga.[Lagos]











Dear Mr. Ibhaluobe
Thanks for the package I just got. I must confess that I find it very informative. 
You see, for the past three years I have had free 24 hours access to the Internet, but the
information I found In your book is very whelming and very educative.
Frank Anozie
I am Pastor Patrick Babatunde Agbadejobi from Sango-Ota in Ogun State

After learning about writing articles online from Mr. Innocent Ibhaluobe, I introduced it to my son who happens to be a Political Science graduate. Later, he travelled to Germany, and Iím happy to let you know that that is what he is using to sustain himself in Germany as a student - it is writing online that he is living on right now.

In fact, I will tell you, he paid for his second year school fee, accommodation, feeding and all of that, with what he made from writing on-line.

Presently, he is on a project worth 2000 (two thousand) Euros, and according to him, it will take about two months for him to complete it. His flat mates and friends could not understand how he is making money staying indoor, while they had to hit the street to get theirs in a hard way.

After showing them how he is making money writing online, his friends and flat mates, who are from different parts of the world Ė Morocco, Syngapoare, China, and India, were amazed because they didnít know such opportunity ever existed.

And all this my son got through me, which I got from Mr. Innocent Ibhaluobe.

Thank you so much Mr. Ibhaluobe, God bless you for revealing this wonderful opportunity to us.

Pst. Agbadejobi

Like I said, those guys took a decision, now it is your turn. Will you allow this opportunity to slip by or you will grab it with both hands. Remember, to achieve anything in life action is needed. If you donít take the action to get this course, 3 Guaranteed Streams Of Income From Writing Articles Online you will never know or experience how rich you can ever be simply by using your writing skill.

Donít delay; act fast, use your ability to write articles to free yourself from financial worries. Make that decision today!

You donít have any reason for not getting this material if you can do basic writing. Yes, you donít have to be a writing guru to be part of the millions of dollars webmasters spend every month to buy articles, which go into the pockets of people like you. You will be surprised that these people who get the money are not even good at writing compared to you.

Even if you think you might not be good enough, donít worry. Just get your copy of the course, it also shows you how to put your articles together. Itís really simpler than you think!  

Highlight Of What You Will Get From The Course 

How To Find And Secure Juicy Writing Jobs. I have opened up on all I know and have been doing to access writing jobs, grab them, do them quickly and receive my money in dollars here in Nigeria for close to two years now. I have exposed in the course exactly what webmasters need from their writers to be able to get writing jobs from them any time you need one.

You will even have the opportunity to use my job nailing cover letters and resumes Ė all you need to do is to edit them to suit your character and experience.

How And Where To Find Blogging Jobs. Many webmasters trying to maximise their earnings on the Internet are setting up chains of blogs. They need writers to help them keep the blogs fresh every day. This course shows you where the big paying blogging jobs are, and how to grab them. This is your chance to make over $500 weekly blogging for a single client.

And the beautiful thing about this opportunity is that you are allowed to choose the subject you love to blog about. You are given complete freedom to blog for the webmasters, only that you will have to demonstrate honesty to keep the job as long as you want.  

How To Become A Highly Paid Writer. If you really want to make it big as a freelance writer online you need to quickly build an expert status that will enable you to charge and be paid between $20 and $1,000 per article. This will enable you to do few jobs, but make thousands of dollars each month. Most top rated writers that have built expert status comfortably make 5 figure income every monthly, and you too can.

Find out how you too can become an expert freelance writer within the shortest possible time in Chapter 4 of this course.  

104 Sites That Pay You $20-$1,000 Per Article. We have taken the effort and time to compile a comprehensive list of 104 top paying websites from where you can find jobs that pay between $20 and $1,000 for an article. With this list, you can never be short of job.

These sites are always in need of writers 24hrs of the day and 7 days of the week. So long as you are able and available to write articles, the jobs are there for you to grab. Discover these sites and start your first project today!

How To Share Revenue With 49 Websites For Free. You will be able to partner with 49 websites and share their revenues with them on 50-50 sharing formula. Some even allow you to get more, like receiving 60 to 80% of the total earnings. This opportunity is absolutely free, you don't pay anything to access it, all you need is to write your articles.

If you are able to make, say $50 from each of these websites every month, how much will you be rolling into your account from this source alone? Do the calculation quickly, isnít that close to $2, 500? Will you consider that bad if you have it finding its way into your account each month from just one source?

How You Can Shoot Your Earnings Above The Roof. In this course, I'm also taking you higher to where the bigger money is for anyone with some writing ability. I will be showing you how to continually make money from your articles and keeping all of it and still retain ownership of the articles. In essence, you will be able to use your articles the same way webmasters would have used them to make enormous cash for themselves.  That means instead of the money going to the webmasters, it comes straight to your pocket.   

This course, which you can download from anywhere you are onto your computer and immediately start turning your writing skill to money is undoubtedly a Total package on making money writing online. Nothing has been left out! You must get a copy if you have been looking for an easy to do, and guaranteed way of making money on the Internet. 

In fact, if you know me you would know Iím damn committed to helping writers make money on the Internet. It is a course I have chosen to walk when I discovered and tasted the juicy opportunity of making money writing articles online. I cannot keep it to myself since I cannot do all the jobs myself Ė indeed, no one can ever do all the available writing jobs on the Internet that keep piling up every hour by themselves.

Do you now see how lucrative writing is on the Internet? So why must you be left out of it?

I will have to wrap things up here and leave you to make a decision, and I'm sure you will decide to make this year different, to bring a remarkable change to your finances. And what could be more satisfying in achieving that than by simply applying your God-given ability to write articles!

So how much will it cost you to own your copy of the 3 Guaranteed Streams Of Income From Writing Articles Online? You might be asking at this point.

I will tell you quickly, but before then let me say that this is the same course that I charge N10, 000 to teach people at seminars, and I always have a good turnout.

Therefore, if I should put the price of the downloadable version, which I'm offering you here at         N10, 000, it will be fair.

However, I want to make it a lot easier for you to get this same material that has turned the lives of many ordinary, usually broke fellows around beyond their widest imagination. I don't want you to have any excuse for not using your own writing talent to make as much money as you can.

So I will slash the above seminal price by half and offer you the course for only N5,000. 

Okay, because I really don't want you to miss out of this because of price, I will cut it down further. You can have it, and all the super duper bonuses below for only N3, 500 or $27.00.     

But you really have to hurry and get your copy fast because either of two things could happen any time soon considering the huge order we are getting for this course:

You could come here tomorrow and you will no longer see this page because we have pulled it down and closed sale for good, shutting you out of this golden opportunity to make money from home by writing articles. or

The price would have gone to its well deserved value of N10, 000. And that means you will have lost the chance to save N6,500.

So what do you prefer, order it now, or wait for later and take the risk of losing the chance to get the course for good or lose N6, 500.  The choice is absolutely yours. Order Your Copy Now!

Since I'm determined to make your investment on my course the best you would make this year, I'm giving you for free a number of bonuses worth thousands of dollars to blow your mind!

Super Bonus 1.

"Masters of Copywriting"


Completing this course is like having a "Ph.D. in copywriting" according to David Ogilvy.

 Undoubtedly, copywriting is the highest paying writing job anywhere in the world, whether online or offline. Recently, Mike Filsaime, the owner of PayDotCom, paid a top class copywriter $25, 000 to write an 85page book for him.

This just shows how lucrative the art of copywriting is. A lot of experienced copywriters charge thousands of dollars to write a page or two for their clients. It is therefore not a surprise that for you to find a master copywriter to teach you the art and the skills involved, you will need to cough out hundreds of dollars.  

But here, Iím giving you the golden opportunity to learn the carefully guarded secrets of copywriting from the Masters absolutely for free and develop a flourishing career in copywriting.  

Apart from helping people write their copies and getting paid fat fees, being able to create copy that persuades people to do what you want them to do is the ultimate key to making money online or offline.  

YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO WRITE COMPELLING WORDS THAT SELL... and that's what this course teaches... in plain language.

Seriously, at this point I feel like withdrawing this bonus from my list of bonuses that am giving you, but itís your day, I leave it for you.

 393 pages!

  Public Domain Rights

A $149.50 value!

Super Bonus 2.

"$1000 Per Day: Sitting at Your Home Computer"

Turn your computer into a money making machine...learn how to make a fortune effortlessly while sitting in front of your computer at home!

This is an amazing new PRIVATE LABEL resale rights package including the following:

  Full Master Resale Rights

  Private Label rights

  PDF & MS Word Doc Source file

  Full sales website

  Full JPG Graphics Package

  Complete Photoshop source files

  Pre-written Sales Letter

  Advertisement pack

A $2657.00 value!

Super Bonus 3.

"$1000.00 Per Day Selling Other People's Stuff"

This ebook is included as a bonus with the package above, but you can sell it separately if you would prefer.

  Full Master Resale Rights

  Private Label rights

  PDF & MS Word Doc Source file

  Full JPG Graphics Package

  Complete Photoshop source files

A $997.00 value!

Super Bonus 4.

"Forum Secrets - How to Make Money With Every Post"

"Forum Secrets" is a five-part educational ebook course that features hundreds of pragmatic and innovative tips to rev up your forum postings. Whether you're a newbie who has never posted to forums before, or a veteran forum poster who is plagued by poor response, "Forum Secrets" will teach you beginning intermediate and advanced marketing techniques for unmatched posting success.

  Full Master Resale Rights

  Mini Website Included

  Prewritten Sales Letter

A $147.97 value!

Total Value of Items = $3900+

Which You Get Totally FREE When You Order 3 Guaranteed Streams Of Income From Writing Articles Online!

(Please note that these are resale rights products that would cost thousands if purchased individually, which you can sell and keep all the profits to yourself for ever!) 

I really hope you take advantage of this one-time opportunity, because I've worked hard to put it together for you, I believe you will profit wildly from it.

And that's because I sincerely want your purchase of my course to be your greatest investment this year!



Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How will I receive my payments since I'm in a country where PayPal's service doesn't reach?

ANS: Just like myself in Nigeria where PayPal doesn't operate, you can let your client know you won't be able to receive payment through PayPal and ask if they could pay you by MoneyGram, Western Union, or Bank wire.

However, if you have someone you trust who resides in the US, UK, or other country which PayPal pays, you can ask them to receive the payment for you from your clients.

2. How soon will I get a writing job?

ANS:Well, I don't have the exact answer to this question. But from my experience, I have gotten some jobs a few minutes after I responded to the Ads and refreshed my email box. Other times I have received responses from webmasters after 2, 3, days of showing interest on their offer.

What I can say to the question is that it depends on a number of factors, including how fast webmasters need writers to do their jobs, and I can tell you many of them usually request for writers on  "as soon as possible" mood, and there are always loads of fresh jobs coming in to fill daily.

3. How will I be able to write the articles?

ANS: I have taught extensively in the course how you can quickly and easily use the Internet to research the topic your client will give you; how you can put the articles together [there is a session in the course on how to write articles for those new to writing], and send to your client through email.

4. I don't have any writing experience, do I qualify for writing jobs online?     

ANS:    You don't need to be a professional writer to access this opportunity. What you need is to be able to write secondary school type of articles. The type of writings webmasters need, which are well treated in the course (with examples) are the ones written in a talking fashion, as if you are explaining things to a friend.

It is not the type of writings to be presented for a Nobel Prize award in literature. Visit some websites or blogs and see how their articles are presented.  

I'm sure anyone with a secondary school writing ability can easily put such articles together with the information they will get on the Internet from researching the topics they will be given to write on.

5. I'm new to the Internet and I don't know anything about using a computer, can I still access this opportunity?

ANS: If you know how to send an email, follow instruction, and interested in learning something new, then you can very well access this opportunity. You will be amazed how simple things are.

Even though the course is easily understandable, I will be there for you if you need further assistant. I have offered myself to continue to guide you whenever you need my support in this regard.

Updated for 2016





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