Writers Needed

We are currently in need of writers to contribute to websites.

We need people who can diligently research the Internet and write unique
and original articles based on the topics that will be given to them.

Interested persons must be able to write informative and error free articles for the American
audience, which must not be less than 750 words.

To enable us to properly assess your ability, you can produce a sample
article on any of the topics given below and send to us:

1.) 12 to 20 Skills to Succeed as a … (any occupation of your choice, e.g., Dental Assistant)

3 Ways To Turn Your Knowledge To A Successful Business Online

3 Ways To Turn Your Knowledge To A Successful Business Online

Billions of people across the world use the Internet daily mainly to source for information that can help them solve one problem or another. This has presented an opportunity to other people to start a business from sharing their knowledge with others.

And the great thing about this is that even though they are not aware of it, almost every matured person knows something of value they can tell or teach others and get paid for it, and can go ahead to turning it into a flourishing business on the Internet.

Writers Needed ASAP

We are once again needing writers to join our job descriptions and resume sample writing team as soon as possible.

The project promises to be long term and you can earn as much as you can deliver. We give you 5 topics to complete per week and more if you show you can do more.

We pay N500 (five hundred naira) per job description or resume sample, which can be reviewed upwards based on performance.

We make payments at the end of the month into your bank account.

You are expected to follow our templates below in completing your work.

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